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New vs Used - Talking about Nashville Real Estate

Nashville real estate - New vs Used. I'm always answering that question. sacramento front2


Why buy a pre-owned Nashville Home?

  • A used home in an established neighborhood will have little or no construction traffic.
  • A used home may have an established yard with mature trees.
  • A used home is usually less expensive than a new home of the same size with a similar location.

Why would I buy a new Nashville home?

  • Maintenance - Any home that's several years old has used up some of the life of the Heat and cooling systems, roof, paint, and flooring. More than likely all of those will have to be replaced much sooner in a used home than a new home.
  • Energy cost - New homes in general are more energy efficient than old homes. Codes for most areas require more insulation, better doors and windows, and HVAC units with a higher energy (SEER) rating than was required just a few years back.
  • When you buy a pre-owned home, you're buying someone else's dream. Even if that "vision" involved avocado green appliances and countertops. Homebuilders today are offering the latest in popular choices at up-to-the-minute design centers that allow consumers to choose from hardwood flooring to cabinetry, fixtures to lighting - and everything in between.
  • With a new Nashville home, the sky's the limit when it comes to design choices - and they're all yours. New home buyers end up with a house that's perfectly suited for their needs. Buying new means also adding elements as your home is built - the kind of custom features that would cost far more if they were added after the fact. Consider the cost of such finished spaces as game rooms or media rooms, or such extras as fireplaces and built-in microwave ovens. It's usually much less expensive to choose these kinds of options up-front.

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New vs Used - Talking about Nashville Real Estate
Nashville real estate - New vs Used. I'm always answering that question. Why buy a pre-owned Nashville Home? A used home in an established neighborhood will have little or no construction traffic. A used home may have… more
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