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Brentwood Elementary schools - Franklin Schools

Brentwood tn Elementary schoolsBrentwood TN Real Estate - One of Elizabeth’s friends had a call today from her adult son about schools, and  thought it was interesting enough that I would share it. Several years ago he bought a house in a new development in south Nashville (Davidson County)The neighborhood seems fine, and the commute to his job in downtown Nashville was reasonably short, so all was good. Next year his oldest child starts his first year of school, so the parents decided to visit the school that their neighborhood was zoned to attend.

Here is the conversation after the visit. “Mom - I need some help, I can’t send my child to that school”. Mom “Why Not”. Son - “Most of the parents looked like gang members”  Mom - “Those parents are your neighbors, If you can live a half mile away from them, then your children will attend the same schools, go to the same sporting events, and hang out with them after school.” Son “Will you pay for my child to go to private school?” Mom - “NO”

What are his options?

1. Let his child attend the school, and hope for the best

2. Sell his home at a loss, and move to a better school district

3. Pay for his child to attend private school - good ones are around $10,000 or more per year

If option 2 is your choice, then you need to pay close attention to the following chart. Schools in Williamson county are always at the top of the charts for Tennessee, but some are better than others. If you are going to move for education purposes, then get the best school you can afford.

Brentwood schools are traditionally at the top of list, but Franklin has several top schools also, and Franklin also has the lowest rated school on this Chart. Be careful, or just call me. I’ll make sure that you achieve your goals.

For many years, parent have moved to Brentwood and Franklin Tennessee to allow their children to have the best education they can get in Public schools. I think it’s a trend that will continue.

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